Gеоrgе W. Buѕh Rеturnѕ Cоld Oреn – SNL

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Prеѕіdеnt George W. Buѕh (Wіll Ferrell) addresses thе nаtіоn аnd соmраrеѕ his рrеѕіdеnсу to thаt of Prеѕіdеnt Dоnаld Trumр’ѕ.

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25 responses to “Gеоrgе W. Buѕh Rеturnѕ Cоld Oреn – SNL”

  1. Axis of_Peter says:


  2. THELAST DNA says:


  3. Ethan Wittenberg says:

    No, Obama created ISIS by creating a power vaccum.

  4. Some random Artist says:

    Why is this on trending yet youtube is still not fixing that speed up glitch and hasn’t been fairly enforcing their rules

  5. americanv8ss says:

    I miss him 🙁

  6. Triple Nipple Nick says:

    why is this on trending and not my video smoking a tide pod

  7. 顺 陈 says:

    it is so amusing that

  8. OceanBlue says:

    Better than Obama for sure!

  9. Red's 2018 says:


  10. Michael Kramer says:

    Last time I checked bush isnt the one who pulled out of Iraq way too soon you can’t give somebody Freedom then walk away. It takes the kids growing up in Freedom to want it to stay that way. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think we should have ever went into Iraq. But once the decision was made you don’t do something half-assed. You stay until the job’s done.

  11. Byt3me21 says:

    Kinda makes ya

  12. Peter from Poland says:

    Fire and Furbies

  13. Takijah Richardson says:


  14. Matthew Martin says:

    now I’m hungry for some prop-corn.

  15. Chico Lopez says:

    jajaja que cómico

  16. I can't believe it's not mold says:

    DAMN. sweeping the Grammys

  17. Cindy Oser says:


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