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10. Drew Lynch – Stand Up Comedy 00:19
9. Calysta Bevier – Fight Song 02:57
8. Sharon Irving – Take Me to Church 04:51
7. Angelina Green – I'll Stand By You 06:57
6. Sal Valentinetti – My Way 09:26
5. Freckled Sky – Lighting Dance 11:15
4. Christian Guardino – Who's Lovin' You 13:17
3. Mandy Harvey – Try (Original Song) 15:29
2. Darci Lynne – Singing Ventriloquist 18:07
1. Grace VanderWaal – I Don't Know My Name (Original Song) 19:58

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33 responses to “Top 10 *BEST GOLDEN BUZZER EMOTIONAL AUDITIONS* EVER ON America’s Got Talent!”

  1. The Unity says:


  2. Pinky Angel says:

    Nice. Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

  3. Juan Carlos García says:

    Great job!.

  4. Isadora Kristensen says:

    Hi i love your videos

  5. Markye Boy says:

    Wow that was freeking awesome

  6. Deo Rawendra says:

    I don’t 100% believe the “sad” background stories of these contestants….

    • Michael Crowley says:

      Why Not? You think they act out the emotion they share? I’m sure there are some people who have perfected ‘alligator tears’, but to sing in the act of emotion would be really hard to do. A singer has a huge sound difference when singing for an emotional reason.

    • Aquila Nakhid says:

      Michael Crowley that’s so true

  7. Deo Rawendra says:

    If you wanna show the “emotional” part, you should’ve leave the full judges standing o and comments as well as the contestants’ full reactions after the golden buzzer was hit…

  8. julia Mendeees x3 says:

    Bars and Melody have to be in this video too👌❤

  9. Rosie Red says:

    I always say I’ll watch a couple of videos and move on and here I am 2 hours later.

    • Attila Hadobás says:

      well im doing it almost every day, I almost saw every video like this, but… 😀 yea… the addictive is the right world and I also love “amateur” artist no matter what they do 😀 about talent… there is no way someone is worst singer or dancer than me :DD

    • Rosie Red says:

      Attila Hadobás The incredibly talented kids make me feel the worst lol

    • Attila Hadobás says:

      Well Darci Lynne has something which is uncomparable to anything else, but trust me, you have the talent in yourself, you just did not know for what yet, so go on and figure it out 😉

    • Rosie Red says:

      Attila Hadobás That’s nice of you : )

    • Attila Hadobás says:

      I just tell you the truth about yourself, well I just believe in you have the talent for something just like everyone else. Unfortunately now our civilization is not up for help you to find it out…

  10. Isak Pettersson says:

    Angelina Green was amazing 😍

  11. Sabrina Salazar says:

    I love how when Grace Vanderwal sang Howie’s head is down but when he hears her singing he lifted his head up like woah

  12. joseph nellums says:

    nice, love it

  13. Brianna Hendrickson says:


  14. Lily King says:

    OBSESSED with these auditions. I’m always watching them

  15. lucky gautam says:

    Last one is great nd grace is now favorite

  16. Lidia Carvallo says:

    Hallo I am Daniel and welcome to Budapest, Hungary

    • Sword 4 Life says:

      I’m Hungarian ! My family is from Transylvania. I’ve never been there but I would love to visit there one day!

  17. Carol Church says:

    The stutter guy should be a,comedian ha ha

  18. birreboi says:

    Gee these videos are being rehashed so many times under slightly different titles. Top 10 (Whatever), Most Amazing, Most Emotional, Most Unforgettable, blah blah blah. I’m guessing some of these youtubers are getting desperate to compile a new video just to get more views (this is why I gave this a dislike, nothing against the talent shown). Cannot wait for some new stuff in 2018.

  19. Lucy ottaway ._. says:

    The guy that stutters is the cutest thing on this planet

  20. Will W says:

    I always end up watching hours of this stuff.

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