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My Experiences as a Latino in Phoenix AZ

With all the Trump racist bullshit in the news today; this year my new patent attorney just filed my ( Latino taxi / truck driver) published patent application that is currently worth in a excess of $5 billion dollars with the Patent Office…
Well to say the least this is a exciting time for Latino’s and the American Nazi white propaganda totalitarian groups being held in the current Trump regime at a simultaneous moment in history of my official landmark announcement in World Wide history that documents Live Mobile Video originating from my self: Gabriel De La Vega Jr. within America’s own Patent Office in Virginia USA…
This is currently the pivot point in history where all Americans look good and hard at themselves in the mirror and realize that we humans on earth are all created equal in the eyes of God.
Last night 1-14-2018 I was camped out in Phoenix, AZ at:  Danny’s Truck stop across the street from the Flying J Truck Stop…
Well to my disbelief when I went inside to take a shower inside Danny’s Truck stop the cashier on duty was a grayed haired old man with silver rings on his fingers, filled with an Arizona white racist attitude in his brain.
After all I’ve been through in last 52 years of my life I’m back in Arizona, it’s like a old replay of a classic racist movie that is repeatedly replayed into the next generation of white descendants of this cashier that was raised the exact same way in America to totally boldly hate any one that is not white.
This old man said to me “you’re back just like a dirty penny” I replied with ” I know you Arizonians don’t like Latino’s like myself but, I just need a shower” …
He reluctantly proceeded to do his job and sell me a shower like this is the norm in Arizona and the only way to greet a Latino customer.
What’s to become of America and humanity on a world wide scale?
Will there eventually be only one race roaming the earth? Or will America lead the way for equality and the preservation of the American constitution that claims all men are equal in the eyes of God.
Below is video about the Flying J official owners and sales staff playing racist songs in a board meeting:

My 3rd legal wife was white and I’m a Latino…

Is this how corporate America feels about my white wife running off with me?

Shame on today’s corporate hill billy America and all the minority tax dollars going into suppressing us Latino’s with the white population who follow the leaders like this Flying J. owner into the pit and trap of being totally controlled by a array of white totalitarian CEO’s  like this white Flying J owner in this photo .